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A Short Bit On Grooming

If it hasn't been a thing your partner met you doing consistently it may at first spark suspicion that you are back to the antics of impressing someone you've just met. The same way you were extra pedantic about your appearance when you first met, remember how you always looked a tad bit longer in the mirror before heading out to meet for those first couple of dates... 

In 2018 the importance of being a well groomed gent shouldn't be debatable. Yes there are levels we are comfortable with but the bare minimum of strict attention to your nails, exfoliating, steaming your face, the good old shaving cream for your shave, treating your beard, some extra thought to your choice of scent, remembering to keep that box of breath mints in the glove compartment, are but a few on a list of things that shouldn't be neglected whether you are going for the rugged, I haven't had a shower in a few days look (with caution) or the total opposite, clean young investment banker look, there is a benchmark all gents should maintain and share remedies amongst each other of what works for them and hasn't, as with all masculinity put aside anyone you encounter will appreciate a cleaner you.





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