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A Word With RHEST

Hong Kong Hypebeast MAMA RHEST


The saying, that you are really only as good as the company you keep, is one we live by as a unit here at MAMAGASEHOME. Surround yourself with dreamers and doers that share common interests as you and respect the disciplines. RHEST is a unit that is building a reputation for clean execution and happen to be friends of ours, here's a quick word with RHEST.


For those who do not know, do break down who or what RHEST is ?


RHEST is simply a creative studio and design book store. Currently, we specialize in brand identity design as well as web design. The book store aims to educate clients, design professionals and design enthusiasts in the intricate workings of the global design industry. 


Where would RHEST like to see itself in the next 5 years ?


In the next 5 years, RHEST will be a multi-disciplinary design firm for both business organsiations and individuals.


You recently took a trip to Hong Kong, how was the experience and what do you think can be taken from the entrepreneurs running shop that side ?


Hong Kong is one of the world’s most densely populated cities in the world, therefore its entrepreneurship scene is highly competitive. Entrepreneurs have mastered their craft, their spaces are small, yet the products, services and brand experiences are exceptional. Hypebeast originates that side, and for the most influential street culture media outlet to come from there says a lot about Hong Kong.


What is you opinion of the South African startup scene across board ?


24 years into the democracy, South Africa has one of the highest inequality rates in the world. With that being said, most black entrepreneurs start with nothing. With limited resources, there is very little room for failure as it’ll cost the company money we don’t have. To go to school, most black scholars have to get in debt to fulfill their aspirations, and by the time you attain your qualification, you’re starting your career in arrears, therefore you need a steady income to repay the debt. Considering entrepreneurship in that scenario is insanity, on the other hand, job hunting isn’t any easier. There is no right or wrong, wherever your passion leads you, just keep on keeping on, your passion will probably break you, but eventually, you will reap the benefits of your hard work. 


Describe your style ?


Our style? I don’t know, definitely not suit and ties to meet clients, that’s just not us. So tailored garments with great graphic elements to it, be it typography, illustrations or photography.


A white t-shirt or a black t-shirt ?




If your entire wardrobe could only be one colour for the rest of your life what would it be ?


A dark colour. 

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