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Essentials : Have a red with your cigar

Tebello "Tibz" Motsoane wears a MAMAGASEHOME , cardigan photographed by Tonys Houz - @tonyshouz 

Coffee, beer and spirits are pairings that one can enjoy with a well aged cigar, to this list a glass of red wine can be added. 

It’s known that things which require a good investment of time and considerable dexterity in craftsmanship pair well together, in our case a full bodied Cabinet Sauvignon is the recommended grape of choice to enjoy with a favored Figurado. However do keep in mind that taste is subjective and one has to keep an open mind constantly trying out suggestions that come your way, taking your time introducing your pallet to new combinations until you find a red you really enjoy for your session with a Perfecto or Toro Grande.

Photography by Tonys Houz - @tonyshouz


We've dubbed him a lifestyle entrepreneur as under the umbrella of his company Showlove, Tebello "Tibz" Motsoane has dabbled in various elements that contribute to an individuals lifestyle, from having a hand in building some of South Africa's most celebrated musicians, producing calendar events, consulting for your favorite brands, venturing into the world of fine foods and championing the rather uncharted waters of the MCC industry in South Africa, as well as receiving a GQ nod for his style.  

Tibz is pictured in a our best selling piece, the MAMAGASEHOME, green "Treaded Thoughts" cardigan showing a different approach to coordination. Executing an authentically vintage look, adding minimal accessories, sealing the deal with a fedora, cigar in hand and a glass of red wine for the smoke session.

Photography by Tonys Houz - @tonyshouz



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