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Essentials : To Ice Your White Wine Or Not ?

To Ice Or Not Ice Your White Wine

The wine community frowns at the icing of a good glass of wine, saying the ice cubes upon melting quell the wine, extinguishing key flavors. It's suggested that one should rather keep all white wines at cellar temperature between 55 to 59 degrees, and then cooling to a lower temperature, when preparing to have a bottle.

As MAMAGASEHOME is an advocate for individualism, breaking the rules is always encouraged which brings us to the question, to ice or not to ice your white wine.
One can not argue with the connoisseurs of the wine world when it comes to the ruling that all reds are to be enjoyed with no ice and rather at a temperature not so shy off the recommended standard temperature or room temp, when writing this the question, to decant or not to decant ? Arises, with this being a different topic all together send us an email as a reminder to unpack our opinion about this if it happens that we do not address it soon.
Now back to the ice, white wine has traditionally been appreciated as a chilled drink, as the aroma and flavors become more exposed to taste when chilled, a Chardonnay that is too warm tends to present  much of a overwhelming alcohol acidic taste to the glass. Adding ice to your glass may be a quick fix to achieve the temperature you prefer and should rather be something done when having wine by the glass at a restaurant out on a solo mission as regrettably so the ice will be diluting your wine as it melts.
One way of cooling a bottle before opening, is to pop the bottle in the refrigerator an hour before you have it, or for the entire duration of your cooking. Alternatively place your bottle in a ice bucket.


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