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Essentials : Wallet or Cardholder


The wallet has always been pegged against the cardholder, with questions of which is better. At MAMAGASEHOME from a style perspective and overall functionality the cardholder is favored.

As a person who has only used card holders from the moment when the "not so important" things became a priority, allow me to share how to transition from wallet to cardholder. 

The main vantage of using a wallet is, it allows for more cabin space for your cards, cards, cards, cards, loose change, notes, receipts, photos of kids, cousins, partner, cat, dog, business cards you’ve taken for the sake of it... yes.

The folds will have you trying to pack your entire life into that leather rectangle then force it down your pocket and argue with peers about the convenience and peace of mind it offers, ignoring that it also creates a protruding bulge in your trousers, depriving those you are in the presence of, the opportunity to appreciate the extra bit of tailoring on your pants, that you’ve had done. 

At some point the hoarding of cards that only work once a month or never work at all has to be curbed as they are the agents contributing to the swelling in your pocket which may be taken lightly but it does eclipse your entire outfit. 

Those slips (customer receipt) that now seem to have a filling system in your wallet, should be discarded, and your smartphone to be used as the actual smartphone it is, by taking a quick picture of important slips and mailing them to you yourself or requesting this to be done by the store, is one way of ushering yourself into the world of the cardholder user, as the key information on these slips is now safely stored in your cloud, remember the ink on a slip does fade. 

Ranking your cards in a hierarchy of the most used daily, to those used twice or once a month and never, is the next step to switching, you shouldn’t abandon your trusted wallet completely, as it can now be used to keep the rest of your cards and left at home or in your backpack/car with your cardholder now carrying the daily arsenal.

With the transition to using a cardholder you will enjoy the ease of finding what’s needed at that particular moment and paying for your coffee via scanning your smartphone, its time to digitize. The size of your cardholder will allow for a better presentation of your entire outfit. With safety as main priority, come the unfortunate event of forgetting your wallet by the counter at a gig or stolen form you, the content of your card holder, as it will only be a select few of cards will be easy to jam via call or the respected application instead of loosing your entire life when your wallet is lost.  




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