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Is Grooming Only For The Bearded

Grooming is a grouping of various activities some done daily, weekly and others monthly to keep clean and presentable in accordance with your lifestyle, which is something we all do, on different scales. To address the question, grooming goes beyond the bathroom and sessions with your barber, our lifestyle and daily habits  are also part of ones grooming regime.


What we eat, drink and how much of it, as well as the hours you provide for yourself to catch some z’s, have a hand in the condition of your appearance. Our physical activity, be it occupational, weather or not you lift, do a bit of cardio or are the full on gym enthusiast and hours spent facing a laptop are also part of the grooming process. This proving that either way each and everyone one of us bearded or not, intentionally or not, are always, continuously in the act of creating, grooming something.

The difference however being are the activities of your individual lifestyle from the prescriptive of considering it as an integral part of your grooming regime conducive to the desired results or the undesired, what are you grooming ? This comes before the exfoliating, coconut oils, cologne notes, hot towel shaves, faded clipper cuts and taking care of the greatly envied, connecting beard.

What are you grooming ?

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