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A couple of suggestions for that day of spontaneity.


  • Find someone who seems approachable, look for eye contact and then follow through with actual words asking for permission to do so.
  • Now for the interesting part, what to say. To at least receive a polite “no”, as a response. Start of by greeting and following through with your name, remember to be in an arms reach distance from the chair, do not touch the chair until you get the green light, not touching the chair will show your respect for personal space and also keep things from getting awkward. After your name explain how, today you decided to come to the restaurant by yourself with the intention of possibly making a new friend, would he/she mind if you joined the table. Now in no particular ranking, you are in for five possible outcomes. 
  • One being him/her letting you know that their company has just gone to the restroom. 
  • Two, waiting for someone.
  • Three, would just like some alone time, not here for long.
  • Four, no thank you.
  • Five, sure why not ?


  • If its a no, gracefully suggest that perhaps another time would be better, make it clear no offense was taken and wish him/her a good day onwards, be cool. The important part after this is, to not pick a table thats too close, but also not too far. People are allowed to change their minds you know so don't make it hard to return the gesture, good luck!  

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