Pesto, Sun-dried, Tomatoes & Olives

Some meals require you to be more daring and adventurous with your pallet, forking a strip of chicken, olive, a sun-dried tomato then swirling, pesto dressed linguine pasta  around this heap of sower but yet still sweet and juicy ingredients, with basil giving it a fresh taste, even minty to some as it did for me with each chew.

A bit of reading up online on what one should pair  such a dish with before ordering, suggested for a glass off Sauvignon Blanc as the recommended grape to compliment the dish, this meal can be found to be dry for some as the pasta base is not made with the traditional approach of having a thick sauce, this makes your serving of linguine very chewy, which maybe the approach the chef was going for but could be underwhelming for some as to my experience the dish did not serve a punch but only a light peck when it comes to flavor     



How to make what has been dubbed The Bachelor Burger by the MAMAGASEHOME kitchen
1. Gherkins
2. Leeks
3. Halloumi Patty
4. A bun or two, how many are you making man ?
5. A trusted nonstick pan
6. Beef Patty, a quick hack for more flavor  guaranteed is to make your own patty form a piece of wors, you are in for a juicier bite.
7. Butter
8. Crushed Garlic
11. Black peppercorns
12. Cheddar Chees
Prepare your nonstick pan and set the heat to half of the maximum, place both halves of your bun on the pan and toast both sides of each half. Remove the bun when toasted and cover to retain heat, while you carry on.
With the heat level brought up one level higher fry your chopped leeks, and sliced gherkins, with a block of butter. Place the fried greens on the bottom half of your bun and cover again.
Get to frying both the halloumi and beef patties simultaneously, with a block of butter. Keep beef patty on the pan for three minutes while crushing the black peppercorns on the upper side of the patty, topping with crushed garlic as well, flip the patty to give this side three minutes of pan time, remember to continuously turnover the halloumi to brown each side.
Place your halloumi patty on top of the greens fried earlier, you should now have a stacked pile consisting of gherkins, leeks and a halloumi patty on the bottom half of your bun in that order.
After three minutes flip your beef patty and top with with cut sheets of cheddar cheese, cover the entire patty. Close your pan with the lid while the patty fries , just to melt the cheese look for  change in color contrast of the cheese, this will be the signal that its time to open and place the top half of the bun and close again for a brief period, anything shy of half a minute.
Remove the entire stack with your trusted spatula and place on the waiting halloumi half, have your burger with some grilled carrots instead of fires to make up for the greasy crime that is being committed.



You may have unnoticeably so been plated a rather undesired cut of steak with your recent order at a restaurant, the reason for this being, you told the waiter that night that you preferred your steak “well done”. Rumor has it that when ordering your steak well done the kitchen will serve you a cut thats closer to the vein instead of the prime thicker 12 ounce cut.
This is done to save the prime cuts for those who request a medium or rare steak for their meals, as steaks prepared rare are said to have more flavor especially cuts further from the vein hence saving these  portions for customer who are specific about their medium to rare preference.
A number of top chefs have gone on to say that when a steak is well done, a good amount of the meats  flavor is killed, hence the pan frying technique of placing the thicker outer layer of fat coating the meat pan first and pressing down as the heat brings out the hidden flavor of the steak.
A well done order does also tend to take longer to prepare, which is something to keep in mind when sitting down, where on the other hand each degree of rare requires minimal time and calls upon the chef to apply his or her skill more when prepping the steak, to avoid over cooking.



Wine is best enjoyed with company, pairing a good snack or appetizer with that bottle and conversation, to close the weekend come the long awaited Friday evening that seemed so far away on Monday can bring just the extra bit of flavor needed to delight your palate. 

Potato cakes made out of spinach, garlic and herb


Pair well with a glass of Merlot and can be something new to add to your wine snacking list along with famous all time favorites such as cheese, olives and garlic bread also not forgetting dark chocolate, even hot wings or a bowl of shrimp with a lemon and butter sauce dip on the side or ... See well the point being made here is, that their is no “perfect” wine snack list, as taste is subjective. It is all about what you enjoy and looking to experiment with. Share with us what your favorite wine snacks are by mailing